From Pottermore: “In Defence of Sybill Trelawney”

Professor Sybill Trelawney

A friend of mine once said for a laugh, while comparing real life people to Harry Potter characters, that I was definitely Professor Trelawney. Of course, I took it as the utmost compliment! I loved Emma Thompson’s portrayal of Trelawney. She’s pretty batshit, but then so kind of am I hahaha. Here is another great article by Pottermore in defence of her character. Dumbledore did the right thing, bringing her to Hogwarts. Nobody except him and Severus Snape (am I right on that?) knew that she was the one who made the original prophecy. having her stay at Hogwarts under his watchful eye was Dumbledore’s assurance that her involvement in the prophecy would never be discovered by the wrong people.

Click on the header below to read the article!

Trelawney article heading




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