Happy Birthday Harry/JKR!!

Today is a special day in our illustrious Wizarding World; Jo Rowling’s AND ALSO Harry Potter’s birthdays. It is more a reason to celebrate lately I think due to all the new stuff we’re getting to experience this year! The only thing I want for Wizard Christmas (yes. Wizard Christmas.) is the Slytherin copy of the 20th anniversary editions of Philosopher’s Stone that were released this year. Behold:

House Editions HPPS

Aren’t they beautiful?? I never realized until now that the pages were done in the style of the house scarves. How cute is that! It’ll match my actual scarf 😀 I mean, I’d collect all four because you can probably never have too many editions (see The Potter Collector on Instagram for just one of many examples… AMAZING collection!!), but I will stick with my house pride and some day soon make this my third copy of Philosopher’s Stone.

I am still currently writing up my Cursed Child articles, at least one of which will be posted later today. It started as a review but I’m having a lot of fun writing out my thoughts and observations! It’s turning out to be much longer than I anticipated. Even though it’s put me behind schedule (do I even have a schedule? No. No I don’t. I’m just trying to sound important) I’m ok with that haha.

I just needed to post something today incase I don’t end up finishing the Cursed Child stuff. Enjoy your reading of books/watching of movies today, Potterheads!




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