Collectible Bookmarks from ’00

I was just randomly browsing the internet *eye roll* and decided to check Amazon for these old collectible bookmarks that were released in the year 2000, with the first Harry Potter movie. The bookmarks are illustrated, and there are six of them. I own the one of Professor Snape standing over Harry while he makes a potion, but I’d LOVE to collect all 6, if I can somehow get my hands on them. I managed to find THREE MORE on Amazon:

SOoooooo, I’ll probably try to scoop one or two of these, maybe all of them hahaha. Even though I’ve been a Potterhead for over half my life (woah), I’ve only just really started putting time and energy into building my collection of companion books and memorabilia. I got the first bookmark of the set (purple) back in THE DAY, so later on when choosing what items I’d want to build up and present on my shelves, I knew these vintage bookmarks had to be there. I know of one other person who has the Fluffy one, but I’m doubting they’d be willing to part with it. It’s WAY out of my comfort zone to just outright ASK if I can buy it from them. Seems a bit weird lol. It’s ok, because Amazon.

If anyone knows where to find the other two not pictured here, please let a girl know. I can’t even remember what they look like, nor can I find a picture of all of them together. Damn!



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