Original Review of Goblet of Fire from 2005, Recovered (from my ancient livejournal account)

I was stumbling along the windy and unpredictable internet road, on this dreary day,  and I came across my old LiveJournal account… from 2005 (NO I’m not linking it). LOL

So there I am erasing all my profile information, going through old angsty teen-me posts (and deleting them), when I come across a review I had written about the Goblet of Fire, that I had seen in theatres apparently the night before (which would have been Nov. 19, 2005, a few weeks after its release). Behold, in all it’s glory:

LJ review of GOF

So my grammar and spell checking wasn’t perfect, listening to the WORST Incubus song, already showing proclivity to the Slytherin colours (hehe), but I was “feeling jubilant“! Seeing this has reinforced how much Harry Potter kept me in high spirits, even when I felt like I was sinking. At this age, I was starting to falter into depression for the first time so I tried to cling on to certain things like art and movies and of course books. From the beginning HP always gave me something to look forward to, and STILL does (though I am a much more content person nowadays)!

Some observations on one big difference between film and book, and a few opinions that still stand:

“robert pattinson did a decent job even though people thought he sucked” LOL

“I wish the original Dumbledore wouldn’t of died”  *sniff *

“new Dumbledore […] needed a chill pill” lol

“by the time they get to the 6th, it’ll be rated R i swear” Funnily and predictably enough, the films did get much darker, like the books of course, though not “bad” enough for the R rating I suppose. Still some pretty scary stuff for a younger person though, when you really think about what’s happening.

Anyway, I thought this was pretty damn neat. These were my first waking thoughts after seeing the fourth film for the very first time! It’s a gem! How many years ago was this now? 12? WHAT! No. Yes. TWELVE. And here we are.



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