Anxiety is a Boggart

A not-so-random thought: If Dementors are depression, then anxiety is what it’d be like to have a Boggart in your brain. I’ve had depression on and off for a long time (the ‘on’ lasts longer, but I’m in the ‘off’ right now… working hard), and I have to agree with the notion that it is […]

Brown Owl’s Random Thoughts (3)

I came across a random connection yesterday while reading Half-Blood Prince, that I never realized before. It goes as follows: In the movie, Harry sees Hagrid light the fire with his pink umbrella (which he later correctly suspects is concealing his wand— and now that I think of it — Random Thought Alert — Dumbledore […]

Milestones + Finding Community

Milestones with my kids. Well, kid, because one of them isn’t old enough to understand storytelling. I gotta tell you all, my heart melted the other day when I found myself sitting on the couch, reading Half-Blood Prince, while Philosopher’s Stone played on the tv and my three-year-old watched it, sitting beside me. AHHH! ❤ I […]