More Interesting Thoughts 1

Figured I’d post this before diving into the Chamber of Secrets discussions: I had a thought about the flying car. Well, more so about Harry’s magic, but the thought started with the flying Ford Anglia, when I was reading CoS chapter 5: The Whomping Willow. So Arthur Weasley bewitched this car to fly, and Ron […]

From Pottermore Ponderings:

(click the picture and go see pottermore’s book club!)   This is a very interesting thought! We know Sirius Black was able to survive 12 years in Azkaban due to him being an animagus. Transfiguring into the dog is what kept him from going mad with dread in prison, it’s what allowed him to make […]

Philosopher’s Stone Week 3: Education

I’m back sooner with the next set of questions! I guess I really wanted to talk about education haha, even though this discussion isn’t really about the actual education that happens at Hogwarts, but more so the institution itself. I have an education degree, though I’ve not had a teaching job since my internship. I sort of […]