Goblet of Fire Week 8: Immortality

Week 8: Immortality   CH 36-37 The LAST week of GoF! Definitely some good communicating happening, but everyone in the study group is ready and waiting to move on to OotP and Angsty Harry! Well, I wouldn’t say excited, per se; it’s not everybody favourite book. I think people were afraid of this one, actually! I […]

Ron Deserves More Credit 2

GIVE THIS MAN A TROPHY. Ron is happy as a pig in shit despite the low probability of them living to see the next day. #proud “Couldja just hold it in?! COULDJA?!” —Harry I’m still slow clapping. Have a nice night, happy reading!!! BOG

Ron Deserves More Credit

For all those people who think that Ron getting into the Chamber of Secrets by sounding out Parseltongue was a fallacy, think again! People argue that, if Dumbledore or anyone else has failed to learn Paraeltongue, how in the blazes was Ron able to mimic it? Well use your brain: How many Parselmouths has Dumbledore […]

Coming Soon: The Hogwarts Mixtapes

Thanks to my obsessive twitter perusal and stumbling upon a post about assigning OST’s to the Hogwarts houses, I was struck with the oh-so-brilliant but probably not unique idea to make playlists for the 4 Houses instead. I used to burn mix-CDs ALL. THE. TIME as an adolescent. This is SO UP MY ALLEY!! I […]