Yesterday was My Birthday

I turned 29. I read Harry Potter, I write some blog material, I bought a desk for my art studio, (!!!!!!!!!), ate fast food TWICE in one day, and just had a generally great weekend. It’s been a while. I share a birthday with one of my brothers; we are one year apart. They call […]

Goblet of Fire Week 6: Moral Fibre

(nov 17)  CH 26-30 We are finally getting down towards the end of GoF!!! I’m excited to finish these weeks off so I can focus on the current Half-Blood Prince readings and discussions. We are through week 1, which was great. Currently gearing up and reading the chapters for week 2 theme, which is Humour, […]

Prisoner of Azkaban Week 6: Talent

This post will wrap up Prisoner of Azkaban for WW Book Club. We learned a lot from this instalment, and it will remain three-way tied with HBP and DH as my favourites. In fact, I really like EVERYTHING post-Goblet of Fire. Next week, we will be beginning the Half-Blood Prince, and I think everyone is […]

Goblet of Fire Week 5: Tradition

Week 5 Discussion: Tradition (nov 10)  CH 21-25 The discussion this week focused on Traditions. Most of the conversation revolved around House Elves (some lengthy discussion there) and the comparisons of professors Hagrid and Grubbly-Plank. Some really great perspectives all around; it’s this type of discussion that makes me love book club! I know I’ll […]

Prisoner of Azkaban Week 5: Secrets and Concealment

This theme could be easily revisited in every other book too, as there seems to be a LOT of it going on the ENTIRE time *eye roll @ Dumbledore* . The third and quite arguably best book in the series, reveals many secrets to Harry about the people and events surrounding his parents’ death. Secrets […]

A Celebration of Harry Potter 2018

I’ve been hearing so much about this but at the same time I DON’T WANNA KNOW because I can’t go and BOOHOOOOO Here is some information from Universal Orlando. Anyway, I’m actually stoked that such a thing exists and it would be amazing to get to go some day. Until that day comes though, I’ll […]

Goblet of Fire Week 4: Jealousy

CH 16-20 were read for this week, the topic of the week was “Jealousy”. This is a very interesting topic to me because jealousy, although a primitive nasty emotion, can be a big motivator. Mostly though, it’s just nasty. It’s something that you must overcome to achieve a higher level of emotional intelligence. Ron battles […]