Goblet of Fire Week 1: Technology

WEEK ONE! The discussions for Goblet of Fire were lengthy and interesting and all those other good things we’ve been seeing since this all began. Seeing as it has ended (Order of the Phoenix began 2 weeks ago now!), I’ll be posting in parallel with Prisoner of Azkaban (to keep some semblance of order and to […]

Chamber of Secrets Week 3: Phobias

Last time I posted, I was so ambitious like, “OK GUYS, going to BANG OUT the rest of CoS and move on!” aaaaaaand then this post ended up being quite late, not to mention long. No apologies!! It was a fantastic discussion!!! This week revealed many different perspectives on characters, and the answers to the following questions: […]

Chamber of Secrets Week 2: Celebrity

Diving right in, the Week 2 Discussion focused on Celebrity. The questions: 1 Could Harry benefit from listening to Lockhart? 2 What are the consequences of fame in the wizarding world? 3 Does Harry see himself as a celebrity? 1 I’m pretty sure Harry always thought Lockhart was a bit unreal. That is to say, […]

Chamber of Secrets Week 1: Home

I really didn’t have a lot to contribute to the remaining questions, thought they were pretty straightforward. There were a lot of shared opinions on this. The second and third questions were: 2 Why is the Burrow so appealing to Harry?  3 Where do you think Ron feels most at home? The Burrow is so […]