Order of the Phoenix Week 1: Youth

HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX. BACK AT IT. I was seriously hitting a wall here for a few days, and figured I should PROBABLY pick these Book Club deep dive posts back up. Finally, were back at it. At the present, book club has been over for over a month (I don’t have […]

The Hogwarts Mixtapes: House Edition

After much editing and second-guessing, welcome! I’m glad you’re here. OH MY GAHD THIS TOOK FOREVER. I came up with this idea MONTHS AGO. I was seriously editing this thing this whole time, and was switching songs as late as A FEW MINUTES AGO. #neversatisfied #perfectionism #letitgooo #LETITGOOO OK! It’s time for Muggle music to […]

Each day’s Daily Prompt for the entirety of May, Harry Potter style

https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/ I love prompt lists. #wwbookclubchallenge makes me realize this each month since I started participating (last December I think?). Inktober made me realize this. The Daily Post made me realize this. Daily prompts are the shit!!! The Daily Post (though I have not thoroughly explored it) is certainly an interesting place to be if you’re bored […]

I was just GIF- searching for a challenge…

*** Anyone reading this probably already knows what happens but just adding a SPOILER WARNING because these gifs depict just how the whole story ends. *** …and I realized with a jolt, how here Harry jokes about being the Chosen One, not actually realizing the gravity and reality of what that meant for him. As […]