Not-so-Daily Blog: March 2. ~Existentialism with Kids~

Lately, my older child (4) has been asking if certain things were “in this world”, or “on this planet”. I correctly take this to mean, she’s beginning to distinguish what actually exists, and what is not real. For example: “are lions in this world?” “yes, lions are real living animals that live on planet Earth!” “Wow…” […]

Sorting Popular Culture: Brooklyn Nine Nine

Well hello there. I’d like to welcome you to another series. It’s an old concept, but a relatively new challenge for me: Sorting Things!!! We’ve all done it. We sort everyone. We sort our families. We sort our favorite Disney characters. We sort Marvel. We sort our pets. WE SORT EVERYTHING!!!! So whynot make a thing of it here […]

2019 Thought Vomit #1: CoG Screenplay

Happy New Year, friends!!!! Welcome to the first official post of the year (not counting that playlist [which I have already added at least three songs to and by the time you’re reading this, possibly more. I did warn you]… when I hit “publish” it was technically still 2018… in my mind, anyway. end ramble). […]