We got our stuff. 

YAAAAAAAYYYY We are 5 days into unpacking and even though it’s a mess, I couldn’t be happier. I didn’t enjoy waking up and getting sick this morning, but yesterday was a worth it kinda day (food, family, fun)!  That being said, I don’t believe I’ll be writing much in the week to come. I WILL […]

Collectible Bookmarks from ’00

I was just randomly browsing the internet *eye roll* and decided to check Amazon for these old collectible bookmarks that were released in the year 2000, with the first Harry Potter movie. The bookmarks are illustrated, and there are six of them. I own the one of Professor Snape standing over Harry while he makes […]

Happy Birthday Harry/JKR!!

Today is a special day in our illustrious Wizarding World; Jo Rowling’s AND ALSO Harry Potter’s birthdays. It is more a reason to celebrate lately I think due to all the new stuff we’re getting to experience this year! The only thing I want for Wizard Christmas (yes. Wizard Christmas.) is the Slytherin copy of […]

Harry Potter Birthday Weekend

Uh, Whaaaaat?? I JUST NOTICED this hashtag on Twitter, #HarryPotterBirthdayWeekend and I’m loving it! NOSTALGIA! To be honest, I was so focused on writing my Cursed Child review I FORGOT that in two days it’ll actually be JK Rowling/Harry Potter’s birthday. As a gift/offering, i’ll do my best to have my review post up on […]