Random Thought #76532482 + Bonus *mini mixtape 1*!

You know how commercials are often accompanied by loud music? there’s a scene playing, of a family, or some such people-driven material, with a particular vibe of song playing that sets the tone for the commercial, right? Is the vibe laid back? fun? mysterious? This is what creative directors are for. I always thought I’d be good […]

Order of the Phoenix Week 3: Colours

Week 3: Colours CH 9-12 We’re back!!!!! I’ve taken a lot of time off of writing this month obviously, but it’s been good. I’ve been productive in other areas, and also mentally preparing for Crimes of Grindelwald while trying my best to not learn too much before seeing it, and kind of staying away from the […]

Random Thought # 2596437

Isn’t it crazy how being a “YouTuber” is a thing now? That there’s this new category of entertainment, this entirely new demographic of people who have their own new categories in awards shows that have been around for years. The word “influencer” is for these people. Since I’ve started spending less time watching tv shows […]


So today, I find myself inexplicably slipping into the throes of depression and not wanting to talk about it. Of all days. I don’t. I don’t want to shed lights, I don’t want to “bring awareness” because I’m tired, and aren’t we all aware by now? Don’t we all know about mental health, and that there […]